Quick facts!

We have taken a full circle and are back to that time of the year when you would want to escape the heat of the city. And what better excuse could it be to head to Landour for our 3rd edition of the Big Gig Exclusive music festival held at the Rokeby Highlands in Landour, Mussoorie. This year is going to be good music (as usual), more music and of course our beautiful Landour for you to relax and enjoy.

Quick facts about the festival:

Date: 19th April’2014 (come earlier if you want to get away from the heat)

 Venue: Rokeby Highlands, Landour, Mussoorie (on a clear day you can watch Dehradun and the Shivaliks beyond, and the evenings can only be seen to be believed!)

 Artists: Work in Progress!

 Food: Enjoy an A la carte meal at Emily’s in Rokeby, enjoy a snack at Char Dukan, Tibetan food at Doma’s or Clocktower cafe, if you’re in the bazaar!

Drinks: Beer, Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (Oh! did we forget to mention water!!)

 Accommodation: Rokeby, Devdar woods, Tabor Guest House, Bethany’s Inn, Ivy Bank, Domas (Remember to carry some warm clothes with you)

Now if you do get lost at Chakkar in Landour, do remember that Chakkar is a figure of eight and you might keep going around in circles.

Just in case if you’d need the map about places within a 3 km radius of the venue. Rokeby is located on a ridge called Landour and the paths on the ridge form a figure of 8 (Now if you get lost – too bad!!IMG_20140301_102842

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