American Folk in the Himalayas!!!


“Logically, when you talkin’ about folk music, you find out it’s music of just plain people.”

-Bobby McGhee

Folk music has been around ever since, well folk have been around. Essentially it pertains to songs that are known by the common folk.. However, the 1960s saw a revival of folk music into the mainstream which was the known as contemporary folk. From playing in small clubs all over to headlining major festivals , folk musicians had it really good. In fact the genre was so popular that artists like Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell have confessed to playing folk songs only to get a break in the music industry.

Today the music form has spawned many sub-genres and has been adopted by a lot of artists. This year we have the privilege of having two artists performing at the Big Gig Exclusive who have been influenced by folk music and are.

The Okies

The Okies at the Big Gig 2013.
The Okies at the Big Gig 2013.

Abe & Bethany Okie hail from Atlanta, GA, USA, where he was a church musician and she performed on musical theatre stages around the city. Their music reflects the rich musical heritage of their childhoods in the American South. While it was classic rock and folk music (Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, Neil Young) that drew him to music, more recently he’s immersed himself in indie artists like Sufjan Stevens and Arcade Fire as well as the western classical music that he teaches at Woodstock School. Meanwhile, Bethany cut her teeth singing. Broadway tunes and jazz standards, but nearly everyone who heard her sing said, “that voice was meant to sing country music”. As performers they draw upon the best of these diverse traditions to create a panorama of American music that is both unique and pleasingly unpredictable.

Run! It’s The Kid

Run, It's The Kid at Ragasthan 2014.
Run, It’s The Kid at Ragasthan 2014.

RUN! It’s the Kid’ is an acoustic band from Delhi. They play indie and folk music. The band, as a duo, consists of Dhruv Bhola and Shantanu Pandit, and in it’s extended form comprises Bhairav Gupta on drums and Danik Ghosh on bass. Their sound is unique as they focus on letting their songs flow easily and smoothly rather than jamming them with lots of solos and technical gimmickry. 

Check out their song, ‘Move Over’


You can catch the Okies and Run! It’s the Kid and other artists at The Big Gig Exclusive on 19th April, 2014 held at The Rokeby Highlands, Landour, Mussoorie.




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