Big Gig Exclusive 2014…..Revelations and Other Important Things


(Dhruv Visvanath Trio)

Landour is situated on a ridge skirting Mussoorie, a historic hill station. For most of the year, it stays rather quiet, with Mussoorie playing host to most tourists. The few travelers who do end up visiting Landour are always surprised by its quiet yet lively demeanor. The Big Gig Exclusive has been held here annually for the past 3 years and while it does add a bit of sound to the landscape, the combination of music and nature is in one word, heavenly.

This year 19th April will mark the Big Gig Exclusive’s third anniversary. The past two years have seen a variety of artists covering a vast spectrum of musical styles. Whether it is Southern American folk music or Delta blues or even acapella singers, the line-up of musicians has never been run- of-the-mill, but it has always been fresh and unique.

This year too, we promise not only to have diverse artists but there are acts lined up from various parts of the country to offer up some of the most incredible live acts seen on stage. This time around we have 8 artists playing from noon into the late hours of the night for your listening pleasure.

The Big Gig Exclusive 2014 Line-Up

1) Prateek Kuhad Collective
2) The Okies
3) Run! It’s The Kid
4) The Bootleg Browns
5) Dhruv Visvanath Trio
6) The Lyres
7) Raagleela
8) Mame Khan



(Mame Khan)

However ,a music festival isn’t just about thee music . Adding to the festive part of the Big Gig Exclusive will be the menu of food and beverages which will also contain a few surprises. Add to that some wares by Stree Shakti to showcase the crafts produced by self-help groups around this region and you have a completely unique Himalayan music experience.

Watch this space for more detailed artist profiles and Big Gig Exclusive 2014 news.


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