The Big Gig Exclusive thanks……


It’s almost been a week since the 3rd Big Gig Exclusive and we look back at some of the highlights from the event and use this as an opportunity to thank some very important people and organisations.

We are thankful firstly to the rain gods, from every belief and culture. They had made their presence felt throughout the week leading up to The Big Gig Exclusive, leaving a lot of us in anticipation over what was actually going to happen on the 19th of April. Even though they did interrupt us twice, once for 5 minutes and the other time for 10, it was pretty short and didn’t really dampen anyone’s spirits.

Looks real nice, especially when it clears up.
Looks real nice, especially when it clears up.

We would like to thank all the organisations that worked with us, namely Stree Shakti and Waste Warriors. (You can read our post about Stree Shakti here Both groups of people worked tirelessly and really supported the event all the way. (We urge you to check out Waste Warriors Facebook page here

Next we’d like to express our gratitude to the people who let us use the premises for the event. Honestly speaking, the most unique thing about our event is the location and nothing would have been possible without the help and support  of the staff at Rokeby Manor. We had bombarded them with a lot of requests and they delivered spectacularly, always with a smile. Seriously, please visit Rokeby Manor on your next trip to Landour or Mussoorie, even if you don’t stay there, which again we cannot recommend highly enough. (Please check out their website at

What a place, what a view!!
What a place, what a view!!

Another huge facet of the Big Gig Exclusive 2014 was in the form of our media, travel and our management partners. We are very grateful to Vh1, Hit95 FM and HT City for their fabulous support by featuring and promoting us through their respective media outlets. We thank Grallo for being our travel partners and taking care of all the needs of the people who wanted to get to the festival. (Please check out their Facebook page at And last but not the least by any stretch of the imagination, we would like to thank Soundtree, our partners from the start of organising our event, for taking care of the artist management and arranging for the superb sound and stage setup. (Please follow their activities on Facebook at

Of course none of this would have been possible if we did not have our sponsors Kingfisher. They have been our sponsors since the first Big Gig and we will forever be grateful to them.

We now would like to thank the very core of the festival, the reason for the success of this festival, the artists. Every last one of them put in their 100% into their performances and gave the mountainside a whole new soundtrack. Please read our previous post to get the whole line-up and please check out their music.

Lastly, we thank the people who make it worthwhile, the people who come out of their houses and traveled, in some cases from far away cities, to get to Landour and join in the experience. It is really the audience and their appreciation for great music and their love for nature that keeps us going and compels us to return even bigger and stronger every year.







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