The Good-Old Iconic Acts at Festivals???

Do they stand a chance in the Festival Circuit?

With Arcade fire and Outkast being the big names this year over the festival season, we wonder if the big iconic names, which could hold stadium worth of crowds, can still manage to be part of the festival circuit.

With more music and variety, the festivals cater to a bigger audience and so the question arises, is it the one band or an interesting lineup that people tend to pick up at a festival to go to. The very inclusion of Metallica to headline Glastonbury had quiet a number of strong reactions. Not only was it too mainstream but it was also the first ever-metal act (Non-British) to headline the festival.  Arctic Monkeys (last years headlining act at Glastonbury) frontman, Alex Turner told Time Out that he’s a fan of METALLICA, but continued, “I’m not sure it adds up. I know we’d buzz off it, but fundamentally could you have METALLICA in the hippy nucleus?

Though Metallica not only pulled it off, they kind-of delivered surprisingly, one of the most kick-ass acts that the years have seen at Glastonbury.

(Metallica’s intro video to their 90 min long set at Glastonbury)

Which brings us back to the question; if at all these Iconic acts have a chance at the big festival scene. Backing up an interesting lineup with the one trending act of the year has been a practice, but picking up the good-old-heard iconic act maybe a new trend. (Maybe?)

And maybe there is a shift at the way the scene is progressing and maybe we do at the end of day want these larger than life icons to be on stage at the festivals. Well we leave it up to you to decide and also a clip of Steven Tyler, who we caught at a festival while we were away from “Landour’s Monsoon” enjoying our summer break!

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