The Great Himalayan Monsoon!!


It’s a bit odd to be in a town, which potentially gets rained down for almost 5 months with nothing except mossy walls and semi wet clothes for most part. Going out is a task.  An umbrella will not be enough to stand between you and the Himalayan rain. When it comes down hard, it puts any blaring loudspeaker to shame. This is the Great Himalayan Monsoon!

This is what soon valley looks like in monsoons
This is what Doon valley looks like in monsoons

Whats even weirder is the fact that we enjoy these downpours. Nothing tastes better than a cup of hot chocolate at char Dukkan in Landour with rain pouring down. Actually double it with a Mathew-style Wai Wai (a local concoction of noodles in butter with an egg on top), and you have gastronomical bliss.

Wai Wai and Hot chocolate at Char Dukkan!
Wai Wai and Hot chocolate at Char Dukkan!

Landour stays wet and green covered with mist and clouds. But when it does clear up after the rains, the white peaks stands out and is a sight to die for. We would recommend anyone to come experience the Landour monsoons and avoid the rush of the season which starts in October. But do bring a poncho and shoes that can weather the cold rain water. And if you are not too bothered by the leeches (yes the slimy small creatures that suck the blood out you) you might just venture out for a small trail walk in the rain to see the pine trees covered with moss and wild monsoon flowers.  For not so brave hearted you can just do with the walks around the Chakkar in Landour (our recommendation too).

St Paul's Church at Landour.
St Paul’s Church at Landour.

We love the Landour monsoon and would suggest you to pack your bags over the weekend and head up to the hills to experience the Great Himalayan Monsoon!!

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