Music at 7550ft !! – 3rd May

The wait is now over! You can get your tickets at Book My Show and join us on the 3rd May to experience music at 7550ft. We have already raved about Highlands a lot, though it still falls short of a description. If you haven’t experienced Landour yet then this might be the best way to get familiar with this hidden spot.

Highlands is the festival venue for Big gig
Trust us when we say the views will be amazing !!

The entry to other events ( Heritage walk, Landour Mela, Mussoorie Mobile Cinema, Eco Trail walk ) is free. Though some activities like the Heritage walk and the eco trail walk requires you to sign up, so you better hurry up and sign up before the spots get filled. (

Poster for the Big Gig summer edition 2015

Coming back to music at Highlands on the 3rd, we assure you that our line-up is very carefully selected so that it blends well with our unique setting( watch this space to hear more on the Lineup soon ).  You will definitely feel like sitting on top of the world ( We like to throw that one in from time-to-time ).

No time to waste now, get your Ticket –

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