Eco-Trail Walk – A walk into the Himalayan wilderness


Have you ever thought of walking into a Himalayan forest? If yes then this might be the best time to explore the Himalayan Wilderness! For the first time, Big Gig in partnership with Jabarkhet Nature Reserve is organising an eco trail walk for those with a bent of mind that admires nature.

Big Gig organizes a Eco trail walk
Jaberkhet Nature Reserve!

The Jabarkhet Nature Reserve  has been revived over the last few years with the help of local communities – through their education, co-operation and consistent monitoring – and the results speak for themselves. Animals have started showing up at water holes and indigenous plant species now dot the landscape and what used to be another overgrazed landscape with rubbish loitered all over is now completely transformed.

Big gig Eco trail walk
Wildlife spotted at the reserve!

The ecotrail walk will capture the conservation efforts that have led to the creation of this little known sanctuary and educate visitors to the various aspects of natural life in this part of Uttarakhand. Also be ready to run into wildlife if you are lucky!

Eco trail walk - Big gig
Need a break!! Too much beauty to soak in ?

Important information:

Starting point: Point where Tehri road meets flag hill. (As you drive/walk along Tehri Road towards Suakholi, keep looking to your left till you encounter a little wooden fence with a gate). You can take taxi from Landour to Jaberkhet Nature Reserve which should not take you more than 15 – 20 minutes.

Date: 3rd May

Time: We will start at 9 AM sharp.

Duration: 2 hours.

Things to carry: Camera, binoculars, water, something light to keep warm, sturdy walking shoes and cell phones only if they are on silent( You don’t wanna annoy the sleeping leopards and bears )

Cost: Rs.200 per person.

You could sign up at and enquire for more details.

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