Get your Bags packed – A list of things you must have in your bag in the hills !


Hopefully your bags are packed and ready for the hills. We will help you with a list of a few items that comes in really handy when you are at the hills.

Make sure you have a list of these things packed in your bag –

1) Bottle of water – We don’t want you to get dehydrated

2) A flashlight – Its really handy once its dark

3) Something Warm – Keep a nice warm jacket or something, the nights at Landour can get pretty chilly

4) Sturdy Shoes – You don’t have to go out and buy something fancy – a comfortable pair of walking shoes will be helpful in the hills especially if you are doing the walks

5) A pack of dry nuts and peanuts – Get a trail mix ready if you are going to be doing any of the walks at the festival.

6) A Camera – Believe us even the most amateur camera skills will make the pictures look really pretty if its clicked here in the hills 🙂

Now that we have shared a few of the items that we carry definitely at all times in the hills, you make sure that you have your tickets for the 3rd May and have signed-up for the EcoTrail walk & Heritage Walk.

Heritage Walk –

EcoTrail Walk –

Book your tickets for 3rd May, Highlands, Rokeby Manor for some great music at 7550ft –

Music & Mountains Matter

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