Big Gig Festival – The boutique Himalayan destination festival


The Big Gig festival is a boutique destination festival that showcases and promotes various local events on the beautiful hillside of Landour in Mussoorie. The core of the festival is music in the mountains, while other events such as the buzzar that promotes local social businesses, heritage walks and nature trail walks, adds to the allure to the festival.

Waste Warriors made sure that Big Gig was kept clean and green
Clean & Green Big Gig
The festival consciously supports some of the social initiatives that are based out of the hillside, like the local waste management organization ‘KEEN’ and the community engagement program at the Woodstock school, which works extensively with local schools, training their teachers and sometimes raising funds for these schools.
Our grand finale music evening at the Highlands at 7550ft Rokeby Manor is the key highlight of the festival.
This years, part of the proceeds raised from the sale of these passes, will go to the waste management initiative ‘KEEN’. Come enjoy some music and mountains while also supporting our small magical hillside community at Landour!


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