Just being outside at 7550ft above sea level in the Himalayas is an exhilarating experience. Listening to live music at that altitude is a high that can only be experienced, not described. Put 350 people doing just that together and you have magic, something that was experienced at The Big Gig, 2015.

Big Gig Summer Fest in Landour 2015

It’s not very often that a festival has so many moods that seem to integrate seamlessly with each other in a few hours time. What began as a mellow mood, turned into a relaxed and chilled out atmosphere, which in turn became a foot shuffling jive and finally exploded in full out party euphoria. The great weather, perfect sunset and a clear view of the Doon valley added to the festival vibe.

Woodstock School Jazz Band performing at the Big gig Summer festival edition 2015
Woodstock School Jazz band making sure we all are in the right mood.

The artist line-up for this year covered a wide range of genres that was appreciated by the audience who were as much a part of the performance as the performers themselves.

The Bhairavas, the winner of the Big Gig band hunt from Dehradun, were charged with the responsibility of opening the Big Gig and they made sure to put everyone in the perfect mood for the evening.

The American folk duo, Okies, has been part of the Big Gig since it’s inception. This year too their pitch-perfect harmonies and country style guitar playing showcased their Southern American roots.

The Bootleg Browns, the Blues outfit, performed a short acoustic set which added a some nice mellow vibes to the Festival.

Audience at Big Gig
Did we already mention the perfect sunset?

Perhaps one of the best fusion bands in the country right now, RaagLeela balances impeccable Classical Indian ragas with virtuoso instrument playing, creating a cocktail of music that stays in your head for a long time.

Raagleela at Big Gig
Raagleela, made it again to the Hills this year!

The Circus – Being one of Delhi’s better known rock outfits has not made these guys complacent. Instead they proved just how hard you can rock, even with an acoustic guitar.

The ultimate party band, Frisky Pints were the perfect ending to a perfect evening. Not a single person remained sitting when these guys took the stage. It’s a wonder that the audience let these guys get down, as the band played no less than 3 encores.

Frisky pints at Big Gig
Frisky Pints clearly knew where to take the party.

It wasn’t just the bands that made this a memorable night. All those witnessing these brilliant performances were in the right spirit and frame of mind to not just experience but live the show.

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