You better be Walking in the hills!!

Walks at the Festival

The best way to experience the mountains, especially when you are up here in Landour, is to just take a walk. Big Gig always aims to bring this hillside experience and provides options of walks and small hikes. Here is what you have in store if you wish to take one of our special walks at the festival –

( Photo Credit – Jabarkhet Nature Reserve)

Landour Heritage Walk By – Been There Doon That ? 

BTDT is a voluntary walking group from Dehradun. The walks are aimed towards sensitizing people to the immense wealth of heritage and nature that surrounds them.

( Free Entry, Sign up required in advance )

When – 14th May

What Time – 3PM

Sign Up –,

FB page :


Landour Heritage Walk By – Mussoorie Heritage Centre  

Working towards educating and preserving the historical heritage of Mussoorie. MHC has been leading Heritage walks in Mussoorie and has a rich bank of information on Mussoorie’s history and culture.

( Free Entry, Sign up required in advance )

When – 15th May

What Time – 9am

Sign Up –

FB page :


Nature Trail Walks –  Jabarkhet Nature Reserve 

If hiking and trail walking is what you are looking forward too, then this is the walk you must sign up for. JNR is forest reserve working towards conserving the forests in the foothills of Himalayas.

( Sign up required and will have a charge )

When – 14th & 15th

What Time – 8.30am

Sign Up –

FB page :


More Details regarding the walks coming out soon.




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