Brentwood Hotel & Resorts

Still looking for a place to stay in Mussoorie for the festival?  We might have an answer for you, especially if you are interested in living in a tent!!

Located in the heart of the town,  Hotel Brentwood provides tourists  with the  opportunity to enjoy all that Mussoorie has to offer. It has 70 rooms that give you a picturesque  view of the Doon Valley. For the shopping aficionados, Hotel Brentwood is located right above the Mall Road. It is difficult to find proper parking space in Mussoorie especially during the summer season. This is where the hotel excels and provides tourists with  ample parking space.

Hotel Brentwood
Hotel Brentwood

The hotel also specialises in hosting business trips and large get togethers. It has two conference halls that can accommodate your friends and family or your colleagues and clients. Adding to the magic,  there is also a proposed  bar in the works. Throw in a beautiful Beer Garden and a restaurant that makes the most fantastic food, and you have hotel like no other.

If well appointed hotels are not what you are looking for, then the Brentwood Sanctuary might just be for you. It is a beautifully located typical Mountain Resort right here in the Himalayas. It consists of a classic mountain cottage with 5 raw Pine wood paneled rooms that seem as if they are from the Alps. You have not experienced the Himalayas, till you experience this wonderful example of architecture.

Brentwood Sanctuary
Brentwood Sanctuary

If you are more the outdoor type, the resort also has 17 furnished tent houses with attached bathrooms. You can truly get an experience of outdoor camping with the convenience of  excellent service. And since the resort is away from the pollution of the city, you can enjoy nature in all it’s nightly beauty. We at Big Gig can vouch for that.
So remember, the next time you are in Mussoorie ( maybe at a mountain festival on the 14th and 15th of May), make it a point to check out both these properties and experience the town and the Himalayas like never before. You owe it to yourself.

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