Mussoorie Infinity Walk at Landour by Been There, Doon That?

Join Been There Doon That? at the Big Gig festival as they take you around the chakkar in Landour for a heritage walk on the 14th May.

Where : Starts at sisters buzzar ( assemble at the BTDT stall at the flea market )
When : 14 May,  3pm

The Queen of Hills, Mussoorie, was founded when the East India Company Officer, Captain Fredrick Young, set up a hunting box in Landour in 1823. Mussoorie soon became a preferred watering hole for officers and their families.
This walk traces the origins of the hill station, giving an overview of how this spot, almost a kilometer above the plains,evolved through its denizens – the deposed rajas and their jilted wives, the British aristocrats and merchants of Char Dukan, all emerge as characters.
( Photo Credit : Been There Doon That ? )
The Walk starts at the BTDT stall at Sisters Buzzar at the Big Gig flea market at 3pm on the 14th May. The walk takes two hours and will be conducted by Lokesh Ohri.
Been There, Doon That?
BTDT is a voluntary walking group from Dehradun with a membership of over 15,000 people.The group has been organizing Heritage Walks since the last two years, covering twenty trails in and around the Doon Valley. We also organize cultural tours to fairs and festivals around Doon. Our walks are participant friendly and interactive, conducted by trained walk leaders.
( Photo Credit : Been There Doon That ? )
Our walks are aimed towards sensitizing people to the immense wealth of heritage and nature that surrounds them. We believe that people educated about their surroundings will one day emerge as the custodians of their heritage. Come, walk with us…

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