Waste Warriors – How to keep the mountains clean at Big Gig

Waste Warriors are one of our official waste management partners for the Big Gig as we are as passionate about cleanliness and the environment as we are about music! To compensate Waste Warriors for the time and effort they put in and for all the equipment they bring with them we are offering tickets for Rs 1000/- with all proceeds being donated to the NGO as a thank you and to cover their costs. Want to know more about the mighty Warriors and how you can help us to keep the mountains clean and green, well read on!



Waste Warriors – Working Today for a Cleaner Tomorrow

Founded in 2012, Waste Warriors Society is a Not for Profit NGO that provides a wide array of services in the field of waste management. We currently have projects in Dehradun, Dharamsala and around Corbett Tiger Reserve, however our mission is to reach out across the entire country. We currently employ 60 people across our 3 locations and the majority of those are Green Workers (Waste Workers) from the poorest sectors of society.


Our work includes door to door waste collection and segregation services, installing and maintaining dustbins, educating and raising awareness on the importance of responsible waste management, waste management consultancy, presentations and guest speaking at schools and events, transformation projects, empowering waste workers, event waste management and the welfare of stray and abandoned animals.


What do we do with the garbage?

We follow the 3 R’s – Reduce, Re-use and Recycle and work in accordance with the legislation related to waste management. This means we emphasise on recycling, compost food waste (when we’re not feeding it to hungry animals) and only send non-recyclable waste to the official dumpsites/trenching grounds. In Dehradun we have started to store non-recyclable plastic such as chip and biscuit packets as the Public Works Department are soon going to be using it to make stronger roads, hoorah!




So why do we need Event Waste Management?

Waste Warriors offers a professional event waste management service on a national level, there’s no-where we won’t go! Events generate huge amounts of waste as it’s generally disposable that’s used but we are working hard to change that. In addition to managing the waste and cleaning, we work with event organisers beforehand, giving them suggestions on how to reduce their carbon footprint by managing their waste better. At the last Hyderabad and Chennai Marathons they served hot food on re-usable or bio-degradable plates which massively reduced the amount of waste that was generated. Milind Soman’s Pinkathon events have ‘Green Water Stations where you can drink from a re-usable cup filled from a dispenser instead of taking a bottle or a plastic cup.


You can help too! Whilst at the Big Gig, write your initials on your beer cup so you know it’s yours and refill it instead of taking fresh cups every time. If you don’t want a tomato sauce sachet just don’t take it and remember to always use the dustbins! We will have separate dustbins for different kinds of waste so check before you throw! This really helps us!


What can we do to keep our mountains clean?


  1. DON’T LITTER, not even a sweet paper, a cigarette butt or the corner off your chip packet! Speak to people who litter and try and encourage them to think responsibly too.
  2. Carry a bag for your garbage and bring it back, don’t burn it. Do some karma yoga and pick up what other people have dropped.
  3. Never, ever buy or accept Styrofoam/thermocol, yeah it’s cheap and it weighs virtually nothing but it’s non-recyclable and never decomposes. If that’s all the chai wala has it’s better to not have a chai. Speak to people that use it and explain how harmful it is for the environment.
  4. Reduce the amount of waste you generate while on hikes/treks. Do not carry disposable plastic or paper plates and cups. Carry reusable ones that can be washed and re-used. Each person just needs to carry their own re-usable plate and a cup, it’s easy! If you have to buy water, crush the bottle and put in in your bag.
  5. Do not buy extra plastic bottles on the way instead carry extra water with you whenever possible.  Buy a SteriPEN or similar water purifier so you can treat water from streams or other water sources. Buy filtered water and re-fill your own bottle wherever possible.
  6. Most of the snack items you buy from chai shops come in non-recyclable packaging so try and reduce your junk food intake.
  7. Feed your food waste to animals or alternatively bury it so that it can decompose naturally. No need to bury little bits of food, nature will take care of it!
  8. Come and volunteer with Waste Warriors or organize your own clean-up hike, we’re here to help !


Does Waste Warriors have a Facebook page?

We sure do, in fact we have 5 of them – 1 for each of our projects. We highly recommend that you have a look so you can see how active we are, we are not talkers we are doers! We have a website too. www.wastewarriors.org


Waste Warriors (General & National Events): www.facebook.com/wastewarriors0

Waste Warriors (Dehradun):  www.facebook.com/wastewarriors1

Waste Warriors (Dharamsala): www.facebook.com/wastewarriors2

Waste Warriors (Corbett): www.facebook.com/wastewarriors3

Waste Warriors (Animal Welfare): www.facebook.com/wwanimalrescue

Thanks for reading, we look forward to seeing you at The Big Gig!




Phone: 8650415942

Website: www.wastewarriors.org

Twitter: www.twitter.com/JodieUnderhill

Find us on Facebook

Garbage Girl: www.facebook.com/jodie.underhill1

Waste Warriors (General) : www.facebook.com/wastewarriors0

Waste Warriors (Dehradun):  www.facebook.com/wastewarriors1

Waste Warriors (Dharamsala): www.facebook.com/wastewarriors2

Waste Warriors (Corbett): www.facebook.com/wastewarriors3

Waste Warriors (Animal Welfare): www.facebook.com/wwanimalrescue

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