Sit back, Relax and enjoy! Mussoorie Mobile Cinema.


Mussoorie Mobile Cinema is back for the Big Gig festival and is screening a film about the landmark global musical project called ‘1 Giant Leap’. The film will screened at Cafe Ivy, our new favourite cafe at Char Dukkan around 6.30pm, 14th May.



What is Mussoorie Mobile Cinema?


A local, informal and not-for-profit initiative that aims to revive public cinema screenings as a vehicle for creating spaces for community exchange, exposure and entertainment in the town of Mussoorie and the surrounding mountain villages.


Why a cinema in Mussoorie?


Here, in a country where cinema is as popular as it can get, the town of Mussoorie has no cinemas. Closed down and reconverted into arcades and malls in the last years, nowadays movies are only enjoyed on mobile phones, laptops or TVs.

We want to make watching a film a more personal and social occasion again, an excuse for getting together and sharing a space and a moment for entertainment, reflection and maybe discussion.


Why mobile?


Initially, MMC was to be mobile because there is no physical community structure that could host it permanently; consequently, we came to realize the enormous power of this mobility- we could explore and temporarily revive unique historic spots available in downtown Mussoorie (ie: a 150 years old skating rink), revindicate the use of public spaces in squares and alleys, hike to the surrounding villages to enjoy stunning high altitude outdoor screenings in warm summer nights or liaise with local cafes and venues.


Who is MMC for?


MMC screenings are designed to be accessible to every neighbor wishing to attend. No entrance fee will be charged at the screenings. MMC sets out as a social experiment, whose story will be shaped organically by the local community’s interests, suggestions and trends.


So, what will MMC be screening?


We want to screen independent documentaries, classics, local film-making talent, animation, bollys, etc… anything within legality. We want there to be something for everyone, whilst also using it as an opportunity to try new and different things. We want to acknowledge that cinema is not only a form of entertainment, but a catalyst for development and social change, which can have a tremendous impact, changing mindsets about critical issues like women’s rights, health education or environmental challenges.


How do we make this happen?


All this can easily happen, because we are only raising 1500 euros/ Rs-: 1.5 Lakh

To get hold of a good projector, a set of powerful speakers, an external hard drive to host the movie bank and a reaaally long extension cord- and set aside the remainder for technical maintenance or sporadic costs.

If we don’t reach the total intended (which we will), we are set up for Flex Funding, which means that we will still be getting all the money we raised- and rest assured we will continue to fundraise by other means to reach the total amount needed!


Who runs this?


Initially we are three neighbours from Mussoorie, Anjali Sharma, Balbier Sahney and Marta Lopez Fesser; with different roles and skills in this project.

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