KEEN! Keeping the Environment Ecologically Natural


Big Gig festival aims to bring people together to experience and appreciate the life at the Landour Hillside. One of the most important points we keep making is to leave nothing behind ( TRASH ) in Landour when you come for the festival. The Flea market at the festival this year will see KEEN setting up a stall but will also be managing trash at the market site . You can do your bit and support KEEN at the festival by donating whatever you feel you can.


KEEN is the latest incarnation and new avatar of the hillside reclamation and recycling programme begun by Woodstock School staff member, Richard Wechter, in 1995. The two main bye-lines of KEEN are “Say NO to plastic and to polystyrene” and “NO dumping in Landour, Mussoorie”.


KEEN has been engaged daily since 21st March in cleaning several nullahs and areas around the Landour chakkar where dumping had occurred: over 1,500 kgs of waste has been removed.


KEEN’s current big request: for ₹250 per month, we will remove your segregated dry waste from your home. Experience shows that careful separation at source can result in 90% of dry waste being recycled.

001 KEEN employees working on the hillside (1)

Future planning of KEEN includes the desire to work with the Landour Cantt, with the Nagar Palika, with Mussoorie schools and with Mussoorie hotels to reach a sustainable solution to the wet and dry waste management for the Queen of the Hills.


Watch the news for opportunities to engage with us and for news of successful steps in this worthy mission.


Contact KEEN via  or via Dana Crider’s mobile number at 9837037536 or via


Be KEEN at staying GREEN,

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