Over And Out! Summer 2016.


The summer music festival in Landour is over and we are still recovering from all the fun that lasted the whole weekend. Thanks to everyone who came out in numbers and supported the festival. Its the love and appreciation for the Landour hillside that brings us together to celebrate the summers in the Hills.


Big Gig takes pride in the fact that it gets the best of the audience that a festival can dream of! We follow the policy ‘leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but memories’ ( Thanks to the support we got from KEEN and WASTE WARRIORS, and of course a much evolved audience ) and were extremely happy to see it being followed by people up here for the weekend.


( Photo Credit : Suman Mitra )


A big thanks to all our partners who believe in this small destination festival especially our local contributors and supporters. A special thanks to Rokeby Manor, Woodstock School and the Hillside community!! Every little contribution and support makes a big difference to a small festival.

The festival kicked off with a Nature Trail Walk at Jabarkhet Nature Reserve which was followed up by a flea market at the driveway of Wolfsburn Estate in Landour. Later in the afternoon, our local community group ‘Been There Doon That‘ had a Mussoorie infinity heritage walk at Landour led by Lokesh Ohri. People gathered at Cafe Ivy at Char Dukkan for a relaxed movie screening by the Mussoorie Mobile Cinema in the evening.
The 15th was kicked off with a very informative heritage walk led by Surbhi Agarwal from the Mussoorie Heritage Centre.
( Photo Credit : Suman Mitra )
The final music night at Highlands, Rokeby Manor was the main highlight of the 2 day festival. A number of music acts like the Woodstock School student Jazz Band led by Peter Millican, the Staff Infection from Woodstock School, The Yellow Bucket from Delhi, Soul’d Out from Delhi and returning again the north east boys called the Frisky Pints insured that the audience had a fun time.
The setting at Highlands at 7550 feet was beautiful with the Doon valley sparkling below and with the perfect weather. Just what was needed to end this unique destination festival.

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