Big Gig Landour 2017 – #ToTheHills

Lets make it a bit easier for you to plan your travels –  Block your dates 28th and 29th Oct!!


The festival this year will be supporting really cool initiatives like the ‘KEEN‘ and the Woodstock school community engagement program,

The Big Gig buzzar held on both the days will be promoting and supporting various local social business’s. Handicrafts, food and various other fun stalls will be laid out at the buzzar! The buzzar will also be raising funds for the Woodstock school community engagement program which is actively engaged with the local community around.

Flea Market

(Big Gig Buzzar 2016)

KEEN, the local waste management organization will be our official trash management support! Part of the proceeds from the passes for the 29th, music at Highlands will go to KEEN! Have a look at their chairmen, Dana Crider and the groups efforts towards keeping Mussoorie clean.


The usual walks at the festival, that have been a huge hit in the past will still be organized on both the days. The local nature reserve, Jabarkhet Nature Reserve will be leading two special walks for the festival. (All proceeds will go to the conservation efforts of the reserve)


We would also be hosting 2 special Heritage walks organized by the Mussoorie Heritage Center !

MHC walk.png

Of course none of this would be complete without some music! 28th evening will be a very exclusive acoustic session at Landour and the venue will be disclosed soon! And the final evening will be the Music at Highlands, at Rokeby Manor, our venue partner! (Do note, we restricted with space and will have very limited tickets for both music events)

Details on passes and other stuff will be shared soon. Though you are required to pre-register if you are attending one or more events at the festival –

Come support!


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