Come support KEEN this year!

Big Gig is a proud supporter of KEEN, the local waste management initiative which stands for Keeping the Environment Ecologically Natural.

We have been getting regular updates on KEEN’s progress and wanted to share some information about how they have been slowly progressing. As you read on, you will find out what Mr. Crider has to say about what KEEN is and what kind of work they have been doing lately…

Current KEEN news: We are privileged to be working under contract with Mussoorie Nagar Palika Parishad, such that we are doing daily pickup of waste from households, businesses and hotels in wards 1 – 6 of this Queen of Hills. The one singular huge challenge is to gain 100% participation in waste segregation into wet and dry.  This simple behavioral change by citizenry and hoteliers would lead to the spectacular attainment of being able to recycle up to 90% of dry waste collected daily.
BG2015, Big gig 2015, Music festival
View of Landour Hillside from Highlands, Rokeby Manor
Goals and Growth Ideas:
  a) KEEN desires to be more green than currently attained.  We are looking for partners to assist in financing of electric carts for daily transport of waste from bazaar communities.  We would like to see 4 electric golf-cart sized units in use daily, causing little to no pollution or traffic jams.
  b) KEEN is interested in partnering with community residents and hoteliers in encouraging the purchase of and commissioning of compost machines for communal and institutional use.  Small single home units are also economically feasible and readily available.
  c) KEEN would like to hear from interested entrepreneurs regarding sustainable business ideas for the recycling of plastics.
Dehradun and Mussoorie handle enough plastic waste daily to see a successful operation of an extruder business proposition.
Plastic-replacement materials like corn starch bags, which are compostable. KEEN would like to take on this distribution, but needs some financial assistance to get started.  Can you assist us?
(The part of the proceeds from the passes on the 29th evening will go towards supporting KEEN. Passes Available online soon!)

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