Big Gig Bazaar with the Community Engagement program at Woodstock school!

The Big Gig Bazaar this year is proudly supporting Woodstock School’s Community Engagement program which is involved in various social endeavors, especially local schools! This year, all earnings from the Big Gig Baazar will go towards tutoring 10th grade children in Kaplani Village in order to help prepare them for their board examinations. 
The Community Engagement program in Woodstock School consists primarily of projects led by the students of Woodstock. The most recent project was building a school in a local village called Dunda, which was washed away during the recent floods in 2013.
(Pic Credit – Woodstock School Community Engagement Program)
This is one of the development projects facilitated by students who are involved in Woodstock’s Community Engagement programme and it has had wonderful results in the last few years.  Three years ago, the team of students who call themselves ‘DOST’ (Development Outreach Student Team) learned that, out of the 15 students who sat the external examinations, only two passed.   This was alarming news as the students come from low income families.  Life is difficult for most of them as they walk long distances to school and have to also help their families on the fields before and after school.  After studying the situation, DOST arranged tutorials for the students over the winter months preceding the board examinations.   The result of these tutorials was that, out of the 15 students who sat the examination, only two failed!  Last year all the students passed!  This year, we had only two students who had third divisions – the rest had first or second divisions.   What is even more exciting, is that the topper for this examination from Mussoorie was a girl from the school in Kaplani!
Flea Market
The Community Engagement department and DOST value your support in helping children from Kaplani village to secure a better future for themselves.
(Pic Credit – Woodstock School Community Engagement Program)
As mentioned, all earnings form the Big Gig Bazaar will go towards funding this project. The Bazaar is also promoting various other social business that work through this region. Check out Purkul Stree Shakti , which is engaged in women empowerment in the region who will also have a stall at the Bazaar. Some other stalls to watch out for will be the Tibetan food stall from Domas, Gharwali food stall and the unique design studio ‘Kurma‘!
Come be a part of the Big Gig Bazaar, and at the same time lend your support to a local school!!

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