Dehradun Guitar Company with Big Gig!

Dehradun Guitars, the local custom guitar builders have joined hands with our festival this year and are bringing the talented guitarist Ritwik all the way from Bangalore. See him perform at the Acoustic sessions on the 28th Oct at Cafe Ivy!

During the early months of 2010, in a small town in the foothills of the Himalayas, a few young men became friends with a luthier from Tennesee. Together they built a workshop and trained intensively in the art of building world-class custom guitars. 6 years in, many more have joined the team, building instruments as they build up one another, as the Dehradun Guitar Company(DGC).

(Pic Credit – DGC website)

We are excited that the DGC is bringing their in-house artist, Ritiwik from Bangalore to come perform at the festival at the Acoustic sessions at Cafe Ivy on the 28th Oct, Landour.


Ritwik’s been playing the guitar since he was around 5, and started out as a classical guitarist. The Beatles caught his ear very early on, and he started his journey into contemporary music by picking up their songs. Since then, he has expanded his listening vocabulary to a wide range of genres, including jazz, progressive music, classical music and rock, and he tries to incorporate elements from all of them into his playing. His set will be an acoustic fingerstyle set, with a few of his originals, a few slow songs, some jazz standards and some covers.


If you haven’t already signed for the 28th evening, then you should send us quick mail with your name @! (Entry Rs300/- at the venue) 

(Pic Credits – Dehradun Guitar Company)


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