Big Gig Festival


The Himalayas are considered to be the most peaceful place in the world. A place where it is difficult to be stressed even if you try. Big Gig provides the perfect opportunity for the community to get together and make the most of the summer sun along with some great music.


( Photo : Highlands at Rokeby Manor where the festival takes place at Landour )

The beginnings of this annual event might not have been humble, but they were simple enough. It was originally envisioned as a day-long event where people could just relax and enjoy some amazing music by a diverse set of artists from all over the world. One of the venues for the place which gives it its uniqueness was and continues to be Rokeby Highlands, which is at 7500 ft above sea level.

Big Gig summer festival
Come Experience the Mountains with us!

Big Gig over the years has grown as a community festival which includes opportunities for the attendees to experience the life in the hills mixed with some great music. With nature walks, open air cinema, flee market, Big Gig presents lots of activities for its audience over the weekend in the summer.


(Woodstock School musicians in action )

Big Gig lives up to its moniker by being truly exclusive through attracting true hill lovers, people who actually want a break from their daily lives and enjoy a weekend surrounded by music and the beauty of the Himalayas. It’s easy enough to get there (Landour is located on a hill right next to the town of Mussoorie), but it still seems like a lifetime away from the noise of the city.

Big Gig festival in Landour, Uttarakhand, india
Prateek Kuhad at Big Gig

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8 Comments Add yours

  1. What are the dates of this year’s festival?

    1. BigGig says:

      14 – 15 th MAY

    2. BigGig says:

      14th – 15th May

  2. Sumit Anand says:

    What are the dates of this year’s fest?

  3. Tamsil says:

    Hi, where can i get the tickets for the festival?

    1. BigGig says:

      Tickets will be available online from the 1st of MAY. Follow us on FB for more details, Thanks.

  4. MANSHA says:

    when is the next BIG GIG FESTIVAL

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