Sit back, Relax and enjoy! Mussoorie Mobile Cinema.

Mussoorie Mobile Cinema is back for the Big Gig festival and is screening a film about the landmark global musical project called ‘1 Giant Leap’. The film will screened at Cafe Ivy, our new favourite cafe at Char Dukkan around 6.30pm, 14th May.   What is Mussoorie Mobile Cinema?   A local, informal and not-for-profit…

Landour Heritage Walk – Musoorie Heritage Centre

The walk on the 15th by the Mussoorie Heritage Centre is not to be missed especially if you are going to miss the heritage walk on the 14th. Having already done a numerous walks at the chakkar in Landour ( even at Big Gig last year ), MHC is a real rich source on Mussoorie’s…

Mussoorie Infinity Walk at Landour by Been There, Doon That?

Join Been There Doon That? at the Big Gig festival as they take you around the chakkar in Landour for a heritage walk on the 14th May. Where : Starts at sisters buzzar ( assemble at the BTDT stall at the flea market ) When : 14 May,  3pm Sign up :, The Queen…

How to get to Landour ? Big Gig

    Lets try and help you plan things out better if you are heading up from another town! This is the most asked question and we have been getting numerous enquiries about the same. Here goes! (Cover Photo Credit – Monish John Photography ) How to get to Landour  ? Landour in Mussoorie is…

Summer in Landour – Big Gig 2016

 Big Gig 2016,  14th – 15th May It is almost summer time in the hills and we are so excited! We are all set for this years’ annual festival in Landour and have lots of activities ready for you. Plan your travels now and make sure you will be heading up the hills this May….

Soundtrack to a race

Pahari Noises (Or the musical muses of an unmusical fan) – ‘ Soundtrack to a race ‘

Growing up with music

Pahari Noises (Or the musical muses of an unmusical fan) – Growing up with Music

When the mountains sing

Pahari Noises (Or the musical muses of an unmusical fan)
– When the mountains sing;
Karan Madhok / @hoopistani


Just being outside at 7550ft above sea level in the Himalayas is an exhilarating experience. Listening to live music at that altitude is a high that can only be experienced, not described. Put 350 people doing just that together and you have magic, something that was experienced at The Big Gig, 2015. It’s not very…